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Other Services

K9 service according to CT-PAT guidelines

  • Security guard with dogs according to the guidelines CT-PAT.
  • Drug Screening.
  • Ward property.
  • Training for personal use.

Business Protection

Our trained personnel focuses on major aspects for our business protection plan like theft prevention, strict personnel, vehicles, visitors and merchandise access control. We implement the latest monitoring technologies available which include security cameras and a computerized event / incident management system.

Transportation of Valuables

Personalized pickup and delivery service anywhere in Mexico our service could be tailored to air, land and sea transportation.

Vault Service

All deposits are verified and sent immediately to the bank to be processed in a timely manner.

Cash Management System

Our cash management system includes a state-of-the-art safe deposit box which verifies authenticity, keeps a record of cash, generating reports of transactions and cash management. Armed security guards are meticulously selected, investigated, scrutinized and trained to handle valuables. We work together with agencies throughout the world to assist and be assisted in our international valuables transportation needs.

ATM Service

Effective, efficient and speedy service to ATM’s providing a detailed activities report.

Freight and on-the-road protection

Due to the recent increase in assaults and thefts to shipments, packages and documents we designed a system to safe guard valuables in transit incorporating armed security guards in armored vehicles thus saving our clients money in insurance cost.

Airport Security

Our company is backed by Mexico’s National Civil Aeronautics Office (Direccion Nacional de Aeronautica Civil DGAC). Due to our vast experience with passengers, luggage, aircraft protection as well as our weapons, explosives and hazardous materials detection methods airport security has become one of our major areas of expertise.

Corporate Investigations

  • Secure Transportation, cash handling security services.
  • Special Events Security.
  • Special Events Transportation.
  • Security Training.
  • Advanced survey.
  • Our security personnel is selected, filtered and trained using international standards and training methods.